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Monday, October 26, 2020

Installing Vim on a Mac

Installing Vim on Macs is not complicated! Let's review how.
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As previously seen, Vim is not very popular among developers and sysadmins. Turns out that Vim's also very popular with Mac users too! On this post we'll learn how to setup Vim on your Mac.


To install Vim on your Mac you'll need Homebrew installed. It's a pretty straightforward install and simplifies a lot our Vim install.

Installing Vim

With Homebrew installed, installing Vim is simple. Open a terminal and type:

brew install vim

Testing the Install

With Vim installed, next step is to test if it's running with:


Exiting Vim

In case it's your first time with Vim, to exit press:

<Esc> :q!

Listing installed features

It's also possible to list which features are installed in your setup by running:

vim --version
The enabled features will be marked with (+) while the disabled should have the (-) symbol aside.


One this post we reviewed how to install Vim on a Mac using Homebrew. We hope it helps!

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